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Links tagged with “german”

  1. German resources - A language learners’ forum

    Lots of courses, exercises, exams, etc. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  2. German exercises - practice grammar online

    More of this. It helps me just to keep doing exercises but I soon exhaust any individual site. (vis Ask MetaFilter)

  3. Teaching Materials • Lehrmaterialien

    Low-tech but good and extensive German-language-learning worksheets and tests.

  4. Free German Online Courses Level A1 to B1 | DW Learn German

    These seem really good, especially for free. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  5. Nachrichten | DW

    Free daily world news podcast in slowly-read German. Great for learning.

  6. Deutsch - warum nicht? | DW.COM

    German audio series for learning.

  7. German for English Speakers | A free online resource

    Clear, helpful, simply laid out, no distractions. It’s odd, and a shame, that such virtues feel “old fashioned” on the web.

  8. Slow German - Lerne alles über Deutschland!

    A podcast about Germany, in German, but spoken slowly and clearly to help with learning.

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