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  1. LRB · Stefan Collini · Browne’s Gamble

    A good account of the inconsistencies of the Browne Report into the future of funding Britain’s higher education. Sounds like it’s written by people for whom education is simply a way of earning MOAR MONEY.

  2. We Made This Ltd - Ministry of Stories & Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

    Very lovely - London’s own version of 826 Valencia (the “Pirate Shop”) and similar. (via Chrisdodo)

  3. OCAD - Graduate Studies - MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation

    I hadn’t heard of this Master of Design at the Ontario College of Art & Design. Interesting.

  4. The best five books on everything | FiveBooks

    “Every day an eminent writer, thinker, commentator, politician, academic chooses five books on their specialist subject. From Einstein to Keynes, Iraq to the Andes, Communism to Empire. Share in the knowledge and buy the books.” Interesting. (via @suegyford)

  5. Frieze Magazine | Archive | Degree Zero

    I’m fascinated by art Foundation-type courses and Roy Ascott’s ‘Groundcourse’ from the 1960s, which Eno did, sounds intriguing. (via Preoccupations)

  6. The Revision Thing | The Texas Tribune

    A fascinating view of what the Texas State Board of Education (which effectively determines what children across the US study) changed in the US History standards.

  7. Historical Blogging

    Pretty fantastic. Students from The Anderson School in New York created blogs, IM chats and blog comments for American Civil War-era characters. Have a read.

  8. Anki - friendly, intelligent flashcards

    Free software for learning stuff off flashcards.

  9. Mathematical Studies (Certificate of Higher Education), 2009/2010 entry (part-time study) - Birkbeck, University of London

    Requires at least one evening a week of going to a class, but looks an interesting option.

  10. Mathematics | Undergraduate Courses, Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and Qualifications - Open University

    The OU have a fairly flexible set of courses. Also, more helpful and flexible about choosing what level to start at.

  11. Mathematics A level - NEC Courses

    Looks like a fairly flexible way to build a self study A level course.

  12. Seth’s Blog: Textbook rant

    Why textbooks prescribed for college courses are a bad thing: “They are expensive … They don’t make change … They don’t sell the topic … They are incredibly impractical.” (via Preoccupations)

  13. LISPA - School - Information - Film

    LISPA has a new website and a promotional film. The pictures at the top are people from my year, the film features people from the year above. Very strange, and lovely, to see and hear all this stuff again.

  14. Wikibooks

    How have I not seen this before? “Wikibooks is a Wikimedia community for creating a free library of educational textbooks that anyone can edit.” Nice.

  15. Home Page | Flat World Knowledge

    Creative Commons licensed textbooks, written by “experts” and peer-reviewed, which are then free to read online (or pay for a printable version). Little available right now, but promising. (via Preoccupations)

  16. Click opera - Art students (called Brian) observed

    The student days of Brian Eno. (via Blackbeltjones)

  17. Snarkmarket: A Snarkmarket Book Project: The New Liberal Arts

    Writing a book about “the new liberal arts” and asking “what are they?” Also, the most pointless use of video ever. (via Kottke)

  18. Preoccupations: Our work (so far) this year

    Going to talk to those pupils was great fun and this describes how incredibly lucky and clever they are. Very impressive (David and them, not me).

  19. Remember to breathe: Catching up a bit

    I’m loving Eric’s account of being at LISPA. Nicely written and very reflective. He’s the father of someone I was there with until July, and is now doing the course himself!

  20. The School Of Life - Homepage

    “A new cultural enterprise based in central London offering intelligent instruction on how to lead a fulfilled life.” A religion without religion? Intriguing. (via Kottke)

  21. Futurelab - Innovation in education

    “Transforming the way people learn through innovative technology and practice.” Interesting looking place, based in Bristol.

  22. Foresight Education Project

    A new wiki about teaching foresight / futures / etc. Includes course outlines etc. Promising.

  23. YouVersion | A Revolutionary Online Bible Reader

    All signed-up readers can contribute notes about passages from many different versions of the Bible. Quite complex but usable interface. (via TUAW)

  24. An Incomplete Education: 3,684 Things You Should Have Learned But Probably Didn’t: Judy Jones, William Wilson: Books

    I’m interested in attempts to summarise everything one needs to know and this sounds vaguely promising.

  25. Cool Tool: Best home chemistry lab book

    Sounds like fun! In theory. In reality I never used the chemistry set I had as a kid much, so maybe not.

  26. Times Higher Education - All the privileged must have prizes

    About teaching at Harvard and the sense of entitlement the kids there have. (via Kottke)

  27. The American Scholar - The Disadvantages of an Elite Education - By William Deresiewicz

    Great measured rant about what Ivy League educated kids are missing out on. (via Kottke)

  28. “physics for beginners, and the maths that goes with it”

    Problem: How do I find time to learn stuff like this when I need to know stuff like this before I can expand time enough so I have time to learn it?

  29. CanonicalTomes

    Web Archive version of a site I’ve been trying to remember for years. It tried to create a database of “books … which define their respective domains”. Didn’t get very far.

  30. BSA Actor Training

    Part-time courses in London from somewhere I haven’t heard of. (I keep meaning to collate such places in a post. One day.)

  31. Kevin Kelly — The Technium — The Forever Book

    Not just a library of all essential knowledge about human civilisation, but it would contain instructions for how to recreate a version of itself. From 2006.

  32. Kevin Kelly — Help Wanted — The world’s best how-to?

    “What are the best how-to books, videos, software, websites that you’ve ever seen?” From 2004.

  33. The Lost Tools of Learning

    Dorothy L. Sayers suggested reviving the Trivium — grammar, rhetoric and dialectic — as children’s education. Learning how to learn, rather than learning subjects.

  34. How to Learn Math and Physics

    Recommendations of books to take you through the main topics of physics and maths. Oh for much, much more time.

  35. Why We Banned Legos - Volume 21 No. 2 - Winter 2006 - Rethinking Schools Online

    Interesting articles on how a class of children played with Lego and how the teachers attempted to help them structure the play fairly. (via Haddock)

  36. The Personal MBA Manifesto: Mastering Business Through Self-Education (Recommended Business Books)

    First time I’ve thought “that looks awesome” about something MBA related. (via Cool Tools)

  37. - What I Learned in Art School (Is it Design Thinking?)

    A list of skills learned in art school that aren’t hands-on crafting skills. These are the best things about such places I think (via Purse Lip Square Jaw via Rodcorp)

  38. Colleges and Universities - Education and Schools - Engineering - Technology - Science - New York Times

    Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering sounds different in a good way. “Learning the skill of how to learn is more important than trying to fill every possible cup of knowledge in every possible discipline.” (via Blech)

  39. Russell davies: studying graphic design

    Lots of advice in the comments about where to do a graphic design degree (no recommendations for UWE where I went…).

  40. Thesp Club

    One of the four current part-time Foundation acting courses at the City Lit have their own collective weblog. Scarily enthuiastic.

  41. The Pmarca Guide to Career Planning, part 2: Skills and education

    Marc Andreesen’s interesting guide to what you should study at college if you’re Marc Andreesen. (via Rodcorp)

  42. School of Everything

    Currently a way to list and find teachers of many subjects. More features planned for the future. (via Blackbeltjones on Iain Tait)

  43. London Print Studio - courses

    Would love to do this if I found more hours in the day. Was thinking more of lino/wood cuts though. (via Rodcorp)

  44. The Actor Works » Home

    Acting school in London that a friend is currently at.

  45. TED | Talks | Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? (video)

    A talk about education sounded very dull. But no, this is really good, well worth watching, and lots of fun. He’s a bit like Tommy Cooper at times. (via Tomski)

  46. Actors Temple

    Meisner-based acting teaching in London, with an unusually nifty website too, even if their name seems to have lost an apostrophe somewhere.

  47. London Centre for Theatre Studies

    Year-long, 40 hours per week (over 4 days) acting course for mature students. Sounds very intense.


    Cookery school based near Liverpool Street

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