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Links tagged with “economics”

  1. Financial crisis timeline | Business |

    Handy summary of the past month’s descent into madness. Ideal for someone who’s, say, been travelling through central Asia for four weeks…

  2. Income Gap and Marginal Tax Rate 1917-2006 at Visualizing Economics

    Ouch. Difference in income for rich and poor in the US over the past century, compared to the tax rate.

  3. Economics of POW Camp

    Fascinating description of the bartering network in World War II Prisoner of War camps. (via Kottke)

  4. Maybe Money Does Buy Happiness After All - New York Times

    A paper rebuts the Easterlin paradox (that above a certain level money doesn’t make one happier). (via Kevin Kelly)

  5. Measuring Worth - Calculators

    Tools for calculating things like the current value of historical UK pounds or US dollars.

  6. The New York Review of Books: The Way to a Fair Deal

    Interesting review of Benjamin M. Friedman’s ‘The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth’ (subscribers only).

  7. Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | Review: The Impact of Inequality by Richard G Wilkinson

    Sounds interesting - equality matters more in a society than the absolute level of wealth.

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