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Links tagged with “digitalpianos”

  1. AZPianoNews: REVIEW - Classenti CDP1, CDP2, CDP3, GR1 Digital Pianos From China - Not Recommended - Digital Piano Reviews

    Says that the Classenti and Broadway digital piano brands, promoted by the afore-linked UK Pianos, are owned by and exclusive to the man behind UK Pianos, and that they’re not that good, although the writer hasn’t played them… Intriguing.

  2. Digital Pianos - Which Brand Should I Buy

    Every few years I have a browse, and there’s so little comprehensive information around online. This site is a bit of a sprawling mess but has tons of stuff on it. It sounds nicely honest for a shop. [UPDATE: The owner also owns the Classenti brand, the brand of pianos he favours here… not so honest after all.]

  3. Purgatory Creek

    For the “Digital Piano Shootout” — MP3s of dozens of different digital pianos for comparison.

  4. Piano Forums at Piano World: Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards

    The web is oddly thin on the ground when it comes to reviews of digital pianos. Some discussion here though.

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