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Bookmarks tagged with “css”

  1. Eric’s Archived Thoughts: Reset Reloaded

    I keep Googling this, so bookmarking it might be easier.

  2. Dompdf - The PHP 5 HTML to PDF Converter

    Uses CSS rules to style the PDF output I think (can’t get the demo to work…).

  3. Styling File Inputs with CSS and the DOM //

    File input fields are stubbornly resistant to beautifying. A new way to make them pretty. (via Daring Fireball)

  4. Blueprintcss - Google Code

    In-progress CSS framework for constructing grid-based web page layouts. (via Daring Fireball)

  5. Infovore » The CSS Redundancy Checker

    Checks your CSS file for all the selectors that aren’t used in the list of HTML files or URLs you feed it. Clever Tom.

  6. Usable Cross Browser Font Sizing » Middleware Infrastructure

    Magic percentages for getting the same font size on different platforms.

  7. 53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without | Smashing Magazine

    Handy to have so many in one place. (via Daring Fireball)

  8. Web Development with… Safari : journal : hicksdesign Ο°

    If you download a WebKit nightly build there’s a handy inspector for debugging CSS problems in Safari.

  9. Aplus :: z-pos

    Detailed exploration of an Internet Explorer CSS z-index bug. It saved my sanity last week.

  10. ColorMatch 5K :: the original

    complicated colour scheme generator (crashed my browser once though)

  11. Color Blender

    Eric Meyer’s nifty colour blender

  12. Overview : Xyle scope : Cultured Code

    Rather smart HTML- and CSS-examining application for the Mac. Looks complicated, but I imagine it could be invaluable over time.

  13. The Man in Blue > footerStickAlt: A more robust method of positioning a footer

    An even newer way of getting a footer to stick to the bottom of the viewport or the content.

  14. Super simple clearing floats - Anne’s Weblog about Markup & Style

    A remarkably non-hacky way to get containing divs to expand to the full depth of their floated descendants (ie, goodbye “clear:both” elements?). (via Tim)

  15. FooterStick › css › Learn › solarDreamStudios

    Make a footer stick to bottom of the viewport where appropriate. (via blech)

  16. » archive » Essentials of CSS Hacking For Internet Explorer

    Summary of IE CSS hacks. Nice to see them covered clearly in once place.

  17. Behaviour : Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript behaviours

    More Ajaxy stuff to investigate when time allows.

  18. [css-d] Font size inheritance

    So that when, yet again, I forget how to fix IE5’s inability to inherit font sizes into table cells, I can find the answer.

  19. List-based CSS / JavaScript menus

    What it says. Seems to work in most browsers you’d care about, and degrades nicely in others.

  20. Using CSS to highlight a page’s current

    (Posted ages ago but the date got mangled while importing to

  21. Front Page - css-discuss

    The wiki for the css-discuss email list, chock full of answers to common questions. Handy.

  22. IE Doubled Float-Margin Bug - CSS fixes and workarounds

    Because I keep hitting this bug and keep forgetting how to work around it.

  23. Mike Davidson: Introducing sIFR: The Healthy Alternative to Browser Text

    Replacing HTML text with Flash-rendered text just to make it look prettier seems like precious designer overkill to me. But it’s very clever and it does work.

  24. Centricle : css filters (css hacks)

    A big colourful pit of nasty CSS hacks.

  25. Johannes Koch’s How to hide CSS from buggy browsers page

    The URL that almost every website points to is now broken and this is the new home, which is a bugger to find.

  26. CSS Sprites: Image Slicing’s Kiss of Death: A List Apart

    Although this method of CSS rollovers works better on Mac IE.

  27. Fast Rollovers Without Preload (CSS)

    So I don’t lose the link again.

  28. Dracos - IE CSS bugs when using floats and background-color

    Another nasty Internet Explorer problem I was having the other day.

  29. Stopdesign | The IE Factor

    I wonder how much time has been globally wasted thanks to Internet Explorer’s awful handling of CSS.

  30. Topographic page layout

    A bookmarklet that uses background colours rather than borders to make a page’s HTML structure clear.

  31. Setting the maximum width of HTML/CSS elements

    I’m not quite convinced, but I may need to find this again at some point.

  32. Сайты, сделанные в Студии Лебедева

    Gallery of websites by a Russian designer, many of which use CSS to expand width-ways in an intriguing fashion

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