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Links tagged with “codeigniter”

  1. DataMapper ORM - User Guide

    There seem to be several past versions of this; I think this is the current one. Looks like just what I needed to fill the gaps in CodeIgniter that always left me frustrated with it.

  2. Tank Auth authentication library for CodeIgniter

    It’s been a while since I looked at CodeIgniter. Still no really obvious winner to the “how do I just authenticate people dammit?” question, but this looks like a front-runner.

  3. Kohana: The Swift PHP Framework

    I hadn’t even heard of this before, a PHP framework that originally came from CodeIgniter, now quite different. Sounds good, although the docs don’t look as good as CI’s.

  4. Facebook Connect CodeIgniter Library « Elliot Haughin

    That photo does not endear me to the chap but this is still quite handy if you’re after that kind of thing.

  5. Ajax with Codeigniter | Setting Up Jquery | Tools for Ajax | Web Lee

    I usually like reading docs rather than screencasts, but, while these weren’t *quite* what I was after, they’re quite good. And it’s nice to have an English accent on these things.

  6. Søren Vind >> pc_user

    “A lightweight authentication library for CodeIgniter. It focuses on simplicity and security.” I used this recently and, like the CodeIgniter PHP framework, it just worked.

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