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Links tagged with “chrome”

  1. Chrome’s Console API: Greatest Hits

    Lots of things I didn’t know you could do in the Google Chrome console. (via Brett Terpstra)

  2. Earth View from Google Maps - Chrome Web Store

    Chrome extension that shows a new satellite image of a place on Earth in every new tab. Beatiful. (via @matthewward)

  3. ntlk’s blog: Chrome obfuscates the URLs, Google benefits

    More good words on why a Google Chrome hiding URLs is bad. “Removing the URLs from the browser is an attempt to expand and consolidate centralised power.” (via Stellar)

  4. Adactio: Journal—URLy warning

    Jeremy Keith is, as usual, right. Chrome removing the URL bar makes me much sadder, and a bit angrier, than any UI tweaking should.

  5. Chrome Web Store - Stylebot

    Lets you adjust the CSS of any website and have your changes stick. *cough*Co-op business banking*cough* (via @bamblesquatch)

  6. Chrome Web Store - Postman - REST Client

    No idea if there are other/better options, but this has been very useful for making POST requests etc.

  7. Modern Web Development

    Pretty comprehensive and good look at the Chrome developer tools. A bunch of things I didn’t know or had simply ignored. (via @simonw)

  8. Home - ExtensionFM

    This is rather slick — a Google Chrome extension that makes a nice iTunes-style library of MP3s on web pages you visit. (via Yoz)

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