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Links tagged with “benhammersley”

  1. The Life Behind the Lifestyle Blog — Matter — Medium

    Interview with Ben Hammersley about his personal finances. Very unusual to read his level of detail and it is fascinating. It’s difficult to talk about money but I think it would be better to be more open. Tricky though.

  2. My speech to the IAAC | Ben Hammersley’s Dangerous Precedent

    Ben’s speech to the UK’s Information Assurance Advisory Council on how the world has and is changing, how two generations see it differently, and what it means for security.

  3. Afghanistan 2006 - a photoset on Flickr

    Real life Action Man (“with real typing fingers!”) Ben Hammersley is embedded with the troops in Afghanistan and taking some nice pics. Be careful Ben!

  4. Open Tech 2005 - a photoset on Flickr

    Lovely medium-format photos of geeks by Matt Locke. Includes me, but my favourites are: Coates, Hammond, Nelson, Webb.

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