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Links tagged with “backups”

  1. Sync/Backup workshop at Redecentralize Conference

    A nice list of personal, non-commercial, backup/sync tools, and some thoughts. Like Francis, I think a very friendly layer on top of git could be amazing.

  2. Bulkr: Backup, download flickr photos, videos, sets & more

    For backing up all your Flickr stuff. not sure how the free and pro versions differ. (via @revdancatt)

  3. kjohnston/pgbackups-archive

    Ruby app for automating offsite backups of a Heroku postgres database to Amazon S3. I was amazed that having set up the various parts the whole thing worked first time. Brilliant.

  4. Getting ALL your data out of Google Reader

    What it says. QUICK! A command line tool. (via @antimega)

  5. Arq: Online Backup for Mac to Amazon AWS Glacier and S3 | Haystack Software

    Mac app for backing up to S3 or Glacier. Interesting, compared to Backblaze, Mozy, etc.

  6. ifttt / Log tweets to a Dropbox file

    Nice idea for making a backup of your tweets and @replies. (via Stellar)

  7. [this is aaronland] haystack triptychs

    More brilliance from Aaron - code to backup and make a lovely standalone site out of your Instagram photos.

  8. straup/parallel-flickr @ GitHub

    Wonderful. Aaron Straup Cope’s project to allow a self-hosted mirror of your Flickr photos, with all their data, permissions and same-structure URLs. (via Waxy)

  9. Photo loss blogger to Flickr: You’re f*cking kidding • The Register

    In case you need even more reasons why trusting your stuff to even the most well-meaning third-party services is only as good as their ability to never, ever make a mistake. (via Lee)

  10. The Data Liberation Front (the Data Liberation Front)

    “An engineering team at Google whose singular goal is to make it easier for users to move their data in and out of Google products.” (via Haddock)

  11. iPhone / iPod Touch Backup Extractor

    Need to try this out. I’d like an archive of my SMSes and this might help me extract them.

  12. Ma.gnolia Suffers Major Data Loss, Site Taken Offline | Epicenter from

    Another week another case of people losing data they’ve entrusted to a hosted service. (via Lee)

  13. ASCII by Jason Scott / Eviction, or the Coming Datapocalypse

    Catching up on stuff… AOL Hometown shut down and wiped all its users’ sites with four weeks’ notice. It’s bad enough when chunks of the web disappear, but worse like this. (via Simon Willison)

  14. Online Backup, Data Backup & Remote Backup Solutions from – Welcome

    One more online backup solution. Heard good things about this in the past I think. [UPDATE: Cool Tools readers gave it the thumbs down.]

  15. CrashPlan – Automatic Offsite Backup » Features - Tech Specs

    Another online backup thing, to backup to your own machine elsewhere or (for a subscription) to their server.

  16. TidBITS Safe Computing: Backblaze Launches Mac Beta of Online Backup Service

    Looks like a great online backup service, currently in private beta. (via Daring Fireball)

  17. Keeping Your Life in Subversion

    Using Subversion to backup all your files, and sync them among different machines. (via Tim)

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