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Links tagged with “authentication”

  1. benbalter/jekyll-auth

    Only let people in your organisation (ie, have a GitHub account that’s part of a specified GitHub organisation) access your static Jekyll website hosted on Heroku.

  2. Django Authentication using an Email Address

    I’ve read a lot of half-thought-through explanations for how to let users of a Django site log in with email address rather than username. This seems to be the only one that covers all the bases. Still, it shouldn’t be this hard.

  3. Tank Auth authentication library for CodeIgniter

    It’s been a while since I looked at CodeIgniter. Still no really obvious winner to the “how do I just authenticate people dammit?” question, but this looks like a front-runner.

  4. Søren Vind >> pc_user

    “A lightweight authentication library for CodeIgniter. It focuses on simplicity and security.” I used this recently and, like the CodeIgniter PHP framework, it just worked.

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