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Bookmarks tagged with “archiving”

  1. The Floodwaters Rise

    Jason Scott has been busy importing loads of old computer magazines into Internet Archive. Great stuff (and a great job!).

  2. Personal Archiving - Digital Preservation (Library of Congress)

    A rough guide for individuals who want to archive their digital photos, email, social media, etc. Doesn’t mention file formats at all. Maybe that’s not as important as doing this at all? (via Digital Beyond)

  3. Smithsonian Institution Archives - Digitization Standards for Images

    The Smithsonian’s rough guide for scanning and archiving photos. (via Digital Beyond)

  4. Olduse

    Brilliant. A 30-year delayed “live” archive of Usenet. I must remember to come back when it reaches 1995. (via Tom Taylor)

  5. Remembrance of Links Past (Pinboard Blog)

    “About a quarter of [pages linked to from bookmarked URLs disappear] every seven years.” Not an exhaustive survey, but an interesting quick look at how quickly linkrot takes hold.

  6. Paul Ford on interacting with his archived self

    On what it’s like to search his archive of email since 1995, and what he may or may not have been like then. (via Waxy)

  7. Scripto | Crowdsourcing Documentary Transcription

    “A light-weight, open source, tool that will allow users to contribute transcriptions to online documentary projects.  The tool will include a versioning history and full set of editorial controls, so that project staff and [sic] manage public contributions.”

  8. An Archive for Interaction Design

    Archiving digital design is difficult, like trying to archive a conversation.

  9. On archiving digital products - this is

    Archiving things like websites is more than saving copies of pages. Digital things are like architecture, reliant on context, interaction, change. (via Booktwo)

  10. The Digital Beyond | Insight about your digital death and afterlife

    Stuff and things about what happens to your digital stuff after you die. Doing a panel at SXSW right *now*. (via @aleksk)

  11. ASCII by Jason Scott / Archive Team Yahoo Video Final Push (and a rousing speech)

    I sent Archive Team money to pay for 1TB of storage, so they can store more of Yahoo Video, which is being deleted by Yahoo! Every little helps, so maybe send a little? (via Waxy)

  12. Snap Bird - search twitter’s history

    Lets you search your Twitter friends’ tweets, or a specific person’s tweets (and more), further back than 10 days (unlike official Twitter search). (via Haddock)

  13. Thoughts of a Bohemian » Blog Archive » The fire this time

    It’s not just digital archives that are being destroyed: The liquidator in charge of the defunct Corbis Sygma agency is planning to destroy an archive of 12 million photos. We need a real world Archive Team. Grrrrrrrrr. (via The Online Photographer)

  14. Dancarroll / django-activitysync / source – Bitbucket

    Django app for aggregating activity from different services, currently Twitter, Google Reader and Reddit.

  15. ASCII by Jason Scott / A Valentine from Archive Team

    Surprise! Yahoo is deleting even *more* user-created content. This time Yahoo Video. It’s like Yahoo! doesn’t feel hated enough yet. But I keep loving Archive Team more. (via Tom Taylor)

  16. Help Center | Facebook

    How to download all of your “information” from your Facebook account. (vi Preoccupations)

  17. Photo loss blogger to Flickr: You’re f*cking kidding • The Register

    In case you need even more reasons why trusting your stuff to even the most well-meaning third-party services is only as good as their ability to never, ever make a mistake. (via Lee)

  18. Trustworthy Digital Repository - Chronicle of Life

    Really interesting description of an organisation to keep peoples’ data safe forever. This organisational stuff must be at least half the battle, aside from technical things. Rest of site seems a bit… clunky though. (via Haddock)

  19. Danfairs/django-syncr at danfairs - GitHub

    What looks like the most active copy of django-syncr around. Dan’s adding stuff to the ‘danfairs’ branch.

  20. Django-syncr - Project Hosting on Google Code

    The “official” django-syncr source, but not updated since December 2008.

  21. Django-syncr: Synchronize Django with the web |

    Introduction to django-syncr, which grabs Twitter, Flickr, Delicious, etc stuff from your accounts to your own Django-powered website.

  22. Cyberspace When You’re Dead -

    Long article about what happens to peoples’ online lives after they die. Good stuff, although I find so many companies’ focus on safeguarding passwords odd; it doesn’t seem like the big problem in this area. (via Haddock)

  23. ThinkUp: Social Media Insights Engine

    Looks fascinating - a PHP/MySQL project you can install which then grabs your Twitter and Facebook network info and processes and graphs it al. (via Preoccupations)

  24. ASCII by Jason Scott / Yahoo!locaust

    About Yahoo! and Delicious, and other things they’ve closed, and Flickr, and the fact all the content on Yahoo! Video will be deleted in March. *sigh* (via Simon Willison)

  25. Memolane | Your time machine for the web

    Currently invite-only, and I’ve not tried it, a thing for aggregating and/or archiving your stuff from various web services.

  26. Adactio: Journal—Home-grown and Delicious

    Yes, I’ve been thinking this self-hosting-with-syndication model is the way to go. I don’t use Delicious’s social features at all, but if I self-hosted my links I’d still like them to be viewable by others in my network, if they’re interested. (via @preoccupations)

  27. Anthony Volodkin is Fascinated: Archive

    A nice view of someone’s online activity per month. CORRECTION: It’s a standard Tumblr archive page. Still nice. 

  28. Archive Fever: a love letter to the post real-time web |

    Yes. It should be easier to access our old online stuff. We should archive it more often. There should be better ways to explore archives. I am interested. (via Blech)

  29. Momento Is Perhaps The Perfect Passive Diary App

    A few people have mentioned this (article via Blech). It really is a very, very good iPhone app — aggregates your feeds from many services, displays them nicely in a diary, lets you export all the aggregated data. More than worth £1.19.

  30. PDAWG | Digital Curation Exchange

    New to me, the Personal Digital Archives Working Group: “addresses opportunities and challenges associated with the stewardship of born-digital materials that are created or received by individuals.”

  31. 2010 Videos

    Videos of sessions from the Personal Digital Archiving 2010 conference. Haven’t watched anything yet. Did anyone reading this go? How was it?

  32. Call for participation for PDA 2011

    Ooh: Personal Digital Archiving 2011 Conference. Sounds very interesting indeed. Hmm, San Francisco in February… (via Blech)

  33. A Paper Internet by Carlos Bueno — Kickstarter

    Pledge money towards one of those “web pages printed out and encased in resin” time capsules. Pledge enough and you choose 500 pages to be printed. (via Beyond the Beyond)

  34. ASCII by Jason Scott / Archiveteam! The Geocities Torrent

    There will be a 900GB torrent of all of the Geocities content that Archiveteam managed to save before the idiots at Yahoo turned it off. Wonderful. Wonderful. Could host it…? (via @antimega)

  35. Carlos Bueno: A Paper Internet

    Instructions for printing stuff out and encasing them in resin to bury in the ground, as the best way to preserve bits of the Internet. (via Tom Taylor)

  36. Philgyford’s mytweets at master - GitHub

    I updated Simon Willison’s “Script for saving a JSON archive of your tweets”, which Blech and others have added to since, to use OAuth.

  37. Why trust Facebook with the future’s past? — Scott Rosenberg’s Wordyard

    Twitter and Facebook are storing what will be our history, but it’s not accessible. (Which is why I have my own public archive of my Twitters, and rarely use Facebook.) (via Preoccupations)

  38. BBC - About the BBC: BBC Genome: The Complete Broadcast History of the BBC

    Wonderful - the BBC is OCRing and making computer-readable, all the programme listings from the ‘Radio Times’ going back to 1922. (via @catfunt)

  39. Simonw’s mytweets at master - GitHub

    “Script for saving a JSON archive of your tweets.” I’m already archiving mine another way, but a handy thing nonetheless.

  40. “Petty” » Rescued Geocities ‘Fry and Laurie’ Scripts

    It’s not only nice that he’s rescued another GeoCities site, but that it’s one I remember visiting a lot back in the day and had completely forgotten.

  41. ASCII by Jason Scott / Geocities: Lessons So Far

    Not just for the good stuff about archiving Geocities, but also about the history of the site and its structure. (via Waxy)

  42. MailSteward

    A pay-for Mac app that archives email into SQLite or MySQL databases. Looks pretty awesome for searchable backups. Need the pro version for large volumes of email (>100,000 messages).

  43. How To Choose CD/DVD Archival Media » Ad Terras Per Aspera

    Use DVD+R discs manufactured by Taiyo Yuden, if you can identify it. (via Daring Fireball)

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