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Links tagged with “archiving”

  1. Wayback Downloads | Recover your website for only $11

    Sends you a tidied up package of website pages and assets from the Wayback Machine. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  2. Shame. – Dirty Feed

    On the reasons to keep your old writing online, compared with Robin Sloan and Frank Chimero’s decisions to delete a lot of theirs.

  3. Conifer | Homepage

    “a web archiving service that creates an interactive copy of any web page … including … playing video and audio, scrolling, clicking buttons, and so forth.” Was By Rhizome.

  4. hartator/wayback-machine-downloader: Download an entire website from the Wayback Machine.

    Ruby script. I can see this being useful one day. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  5. Building Monocle, a universal personal search engine for life |

    “Monocle is a full text search engine indexed on my personal data, like my blog posts and essays, nearly a decade of journal entries, notes, contacts, Tweets, and hopefully more in the future…” (via @tomcritchlow)

  6. Due to COVID-19: Documenting the signs of the pandemic

    I love the collecting of ephemeral things that otherwise escape this kind of more permanent attention. (via Waxy)

  7. Home | The Permanent Legacy Foundation

    A nonprofit charity (in the US) offering permanent online archiving.

  8. It’s A Digital Disease!

    r/DataHoarder. This subreddit looks both interesting and enabling. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  9. This Page is Designed to Last: A Manifesto for Preserving Content on the Web

    On making simple websites to last a minimum of ten years. (via Adactio)

  10. Simon Willison on Twitter

    “Anyone know of a web hosting provider where I can pay a lump sum of money to host a file at a reliable URL essentially forever? Is this even remotely feasible?” Lots of thoughts.

  11. DSHR’s Blog: Another endowed data service launches

    Analysing the costs for a different long-term archiving host (which later shut down). (via @simonw)

  12. Minimal Long-Term Storage Economic Model

    “A minimal model of the endowment needed to store one terabyte on disk ‘forever’…” (via @simonw)

  13. The Lost Picture Show: Hollywood Archivists Can’t Outpace Obsolescence - IEEE Spectrum

    From last year, on the amount of money and effort it takes to maintain archives of movies and TV shows.

  14. Is 1024×768 showing more or less than 800×600? | One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age

    “800×600 is like a beauty filter for web pages of all ages. Looking at the web through it you get sentimental. … On a bigger screenshot you see how the amateur web was shrinking and shriveling…”

  15. Future Historians Probably Won’t Understand Our Internet - The Atlantic

    On the impossibility of archiving the experience of using social media, even if ignoring the fact, like this article seems to, that so much of social media is private to some degree. (via @kevin2kelly)

  16. HyperCard On The Archive (Celebrating 30 Years of HyperCard) | Internet Archive Blogs

    Like magic. If only I’d Stuffit’d my HyperCard stacks… the only two I have may have lost their resource forks over the past 25 years.

  17. Closing Communities: FFFFOUND! vs MLKSHK

    Comparing how the two websites are closing down.

  18. Lost & Found in Borough — Medium

    Ugh, the things people just throw out. Loads of 19th century plans, documents, etc thrown out by an estate agent on Borough High Street.

  19. There’s No App for That: Adventures in Conserving Old Tech · SFMOMA

    About the difficulties of starting up a mint iPhone 1 and exhibiting it as a working thing. And HyperCard. (via @antimega)

  20. AMBER

    WordPress plugin and Drupal module for saving copies of pages that your site links to, in case they disappear. (via @mathowie)

  21. zalew / django-flickr — Bitbucket

    “Provides a mechanism to mirror user’s Flickr photos into a Django project.”

  22. - Featured Collections

    Sure I’ve said this before, but I hope Rightmove, Zoopla, and/or estate agents are archiving photos. It’d be an amazing resource for historians.

  23. Rev Dan Catt - Building shutdownability, closing down Contributoria the nice way.

    A nice write-up of a nice way to shut down a website. Lovely to see people doing things this way.

  24. A Small Dark Detour

    On the people who posted negative commentd about Jason Scott’s manual-saving effort. I’m increasingly thinking the net turns too many people into the kind of heckler who thinks they’re “helping” the performer.

  25. In Realtime: We are barely halfway done

    Amazing last minute effort to save tens of thousands of old computer manuals from destruction. I’d go and help if I was nearby.


    A way of creating WARC files of collections of pages as you browse them, which you can then download. They don’t archive them permanently, although the new beta looks like maybe they will? A bit? (via One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age)

  27. Jam Preserves - The Jam Journal

    This Is My Jam will be closing, but doing it right with a browsable archive and even a read-only API. Very nice. A shame though, and a shame about the changes in other services that made it difficult to carry on.

  28. Archivematica: open-source digital preservation system

    “A web- and standards-based, open-source application which allows your institution to preserve long-term access to trustworthy, authentic and reliable digital content.” (via Kottke)

  29. HTTrack Website Copier - Free Software Offline Browser (GNU GPL)

    I keep forgetting the name of this whenever I want it. For downloading all the pages of a website and making a browsable version of it. Versions for Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.

  30. mroth/unindexed · GitHub

    “A website that irrevocably deletes itself once indexed by Google.” Anti-archiving. (Via Waxy)

  31. How to save a web page to the Internet Archive

    Bookmarklet and Chrome extension. (via @textfiles)

  32. There’s nothing sinister about Guardian stories going missing online | Open door | Comment is free | The Guardian

    A bug in the automated rights system led to a lot of articles disappearing. Another one for the “transitory nature of the web” file.

  33. All My Blogs Are Dead - The Awl

    A writer on all the blogs and news sites he’s written for which no longer exist online. Paper magazines and newspapers ultimately have greater longevity. (via Waxy)

  34. Time Travel

    Search for a URL and a date and this aggregates results from lots of different web archives.

  35. What the Web Said Yesterday - The New Yorker

    On the Internet Archive, Brewster Kahle, and attempts to archive the web in general.


    A way to create an archived copy of a page for citation purposes. T&Cs say “WE MAKE NO REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES, OR UNDERTAKINGS AS TO PERMANENCE OR THE DURATION OF PRESERVATION.” Brilliant.

  37. [this is aaronland] The “Drinking Coffee and Stealing Wifi” 2012 World Tour

    (December 2012) Aaron Straup Cope’s keynote. Museums online, archiving, Flickr, Foursquare, unique IDs… so much stuff, so good.

  38. Where Brooklyn At?

    Some digging into the metadata Aaron Straup Cope saved before Brooklyn Museum deleted their Flickr stuff. It makes me so mad and sad that they did this, not just the images but thousands of comments, tags, notes, too. On Flickr, you don’t own your own words.

  39. Adactio: Journal—The tragedy of the commons

    All of this. On the Brooklyn Museum, who haven’t just moved on from Flickr Commons, but deleted all their stuff from it as well.

  40. coddingtonbear/django-location

    Interesting… Django app that stores location data from Foursquare, iCloud and Runmeter.

  41. Bulkr: Backup, download flickr photos, videos, sets & more

    For backing up all your Flickr stuff. not sure how the free and pro versions differ. (via @revdancatt)

  42. Photo scanning made easy. We collect from you | Vintage Photo Lab

    They scan your old photos. Not extortionate, given how long it’d take to do yourself. (via Noisy Decent Graphics)

  43. Adactio: Articles—Beyond Tellerrand

    A great talk by Jeremy Keith on archiving, the web, App Stores, URLs, design, history, the future, what’s important… just all the good stuff.

  44. Getting ALL your data out of Google Reader

    What it says. QUICK! A command line tool. (via @antimega)

  45. ArchiveTeam OPML/Feed URL Collector

    ArchiveTeam need your lists of current and old RSS feed URLs, to archive posts from Google Reader’s cache before it closes. Fucking Google. (via @waxpancake)

  46. How You Can Help Save, Posterous, and More

    Solely for the phrase “companies like Yahoo work to destroy as much human history as possible.” Must suck to work somewhere like that.

  47. Posterous cofounders create a replacement: Posthaven | Hacker News

    I hoped this would be an interesting discussion on what it means to promise that an online service would be around “forever”, but it’s nearly all cynical, snarky people saying “people should host their own server!” and arguing about apostrophe usage. (via Tom Taylor)

  48. Hands On: SimCity | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    The new SimCity can only be played if it can connect to EA’s servers. This review (towards the end), and many of the comments, worry about that. The original SimCity and SimCity 2000 can still be played, but when will the new one become unplayable, a never-to-be-seen-again experience? (via @D_Nye_Griffiths)

  49. The Quiet Wikideath of BBS History

    Wikipedia is not a source, it’s “reality slash fiction”.

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