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Links tagged with “advertisement”

  1. YouTube - The T-Mobile Dance

    An IprovEverywhere type stunt as an advert but very nicely done. I love how the participants only gradually join in. (via Preoccupations)

  2. Happy New Year by Electrabel - Fubiz™

    Stunning stop-frame animation advert done with thousands of candles. Watch it. (via Drawn!)

  3. YouTube - Sony Bravia LCD TV Advert (Play Doh) & “The Making of”

    A TV ad with stop-motion rabbits (which I hadn’t seen until now) followed by a little making of doc. Amazing amounts of coordination to get it all done. (via Ted Mills)

  4. Sony Bravia - The Advert

    I know it’s been everywhere. But it’s still one of the most beautiful things ever, even if it is an advert.

  5. Stella Artois - Le Sacrifice , ad, advert | visit4info | TV/Cinema

    I don’t like adverts, but I do smile when I see this fake surrealist film ad at the cinema. Nicely done.

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