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    Actually, the whole site looks great. Any weblog with a post about the ‘LA Times’ introducting vertical rules into their 1-pica gutters gets my vote.


    Collection of eagles from the banners of US newspapers’ election editions.

  3. Weekly Piracy Report

    What it says. More real than men with wooden legs and parrots.

  4. Boing Boing: Full-back HTML tattoo

    If you were going to go to all that trouble why not use CSS rather than duff ‘align’ tags? Not man enough to take the extra characters?

  5. The How and the Tao of Folk Guitar free online edition

    Creative Commons licensed free book on how to play the guitar. It may be time to finally buy a printer…

  6. Send And Receive Itemized Bills Online

    For sorting out who owes who how much and reminding them to pay.

  7. ifo Apple Store - Regent Street Grand Opening!

    I despair of humanity. Idiots fly around the world to sleep on the street for the opening of a shop.

  8. MacNETv2 - The Music Man ‽ King Of The Pirates Has A Goal ‽ Own It All!

    Interview with a man who’s downloaded 900,000 tunes to save them for posterity, and kind of echoes my view of

  9. Original Remote Controls UK

    Now that’s a niche market.

  10. Blahgger: I Haven’t Forgotten, And We Will Never Forget.

    Steve Gedikian of Nullsoft on what it’s like to sell your little company to a big one.

  11. NeXT Screenshot

    Steve Jobs introduces you to

  12. Panic - Extras - The True Story of Audion

    Cabel Sasser on the story of developing Audion and the emergence of iTunes. A long but great read.

  13. Application Development: Install PEAR on a shared Web host

    This’ll be remarkably useful, assuming it works.

  14. The Bookshelf - City Comforts - David Sucher

    Ted on a book and author I hadn’t heard of, but it sounds good.

  15. Flickr: Photos from anniem

    Want to buy a house in central Houston? Buy Annie’s! Looks lovely.

  16. AS

    Amazing X-ray images of trucks and cars.

  17. Discussion Forums :: View topic - Some notes how to get PEAR working

    Previous solution threw errors when I tried to install packages… get the version of PHP and use these instructions to get PEAR working.

  18. RFC: PHP’s PEAR Broken in 10.3?

    How to get PEAR to work in Mac OS X. Easy when you know how.

  19. Shirky: Group as User: Flaming and the Design of Social Software

    Worth reading even if it only included this quote:

  20. Daily Mirror: How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?

    Well, you have to wonder. Something in the water? Cosmic rays? 59,054,087 radio receivers embedded in fillings?

  21. Monolingual

    Mac OS X app for removing un-needed language files, if you forgot to disable them when installing the system. Saved myself a few hundred MB.

  22. Centre Point, 101 New Oxford Street, London, West End, London - photos, history and background

    Be sure to follow the little link to read the history of the site’s planning permission.