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Vegetarian wellington recipe | BBC Good Food

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This was very tasty, and looks very impressive on the table. But a few thoughts from my one experience:

(A) It took me nearly three hours to prepare and cook, *before* I put it in the oven for 45-50 minutes. I’m probably a bit slow but the 2 hour 20 minute total guide seems optimistic.

(B) While step 2 says to use a frying pan I needed something deeper - it ultimately needs to contain the mushrooms, squash, breadcrumbs, and chestnuts.

(C) Step 3 says to add the double cream and then “stir until … no liquid remains”. I did this but then, after adding the breadcrumbs, chestnuts and squash, the mixture is almost entirely dry. I had to add some milk to bind it together. I’d suggest adding those ingredients while the cream is still liquid.

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