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My first thought after reaching the end was how much it reminded me of ‘London Spy’. Lots of great performances and so much to love about it… but a ludicrous, messy ending that couldn’t live up to the expectations created by the increasing convolutedness of the conspiracy.

And the unbelievability of all the DPP stuff reminded me of similar aspects of some Stephen Poliakoff dramas (I think ‘Friends and Crocodiles’ is one example), in which the world of business appears to have been sketched in by someone who’s only read an article about it.

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17 May 2016 at Twitter

  • 9:22pm: Feeling deflated after reaching the end of ‘Undercover’. So many good bits, but so much terrible nonsense. All this:…
  • 1:24pm: @lurkmoophy @iamdanw Memrise do America, French, NZ and Russian but not British.
  • 1:18pm: The expansionist rot started when the BBC let you read recipes on Ceefax page 586 without even having to buy a book or watch some ads.
  • 7:37am: From the same bizarro world that counts The Independent as a “newspaper”, even though it’s only online…

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