Berlin Wall to be Rebuilt With Glowing White Helium Balloons for 25th Anniversary of Fall

They’re not “helium” balloons. If they were they wouldn’t have lights inside them, and wouldn’t need to be on top of the rigid poles you see in the photographs. Still beautiful, but not helium.

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22 Oct 2014 at Twitter

  • 10:04pm: @davidsim They’re not helium balloons. They wouldn’t have lights inside or be on rigid poles if they were helium balloons. Still nice tho :)
  • 9:53pm: @minor9th Weird article… they’re definitely not helium balloons are they.
  • 2:37pm: @phl I didn’t know Tesco sold those cameras.
  • 8:38am: @megpickard @ukglo Oops, yes, sorry for confusion. No stamp needed.
  • 8:33am: @ukglo No - it’s pre-paid second class.