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“although the Haddock Directory closed in February 2007, and there don’t appear to be any archives”

The Directory was going from 1996, but what is currently the front page of haddock.org (an aggregation of others’ blogs) wasn’t there then. The Directory itself is nothing but archives, but organised by category rather than date. There are dated pages, eg http://haddock.org/directory/?d=2006-10-24 , but no chronological list of those.

My own blogging on gyford.com started on 15 March 2000 and is still going: http://www.gyford.com/phil/writing/2000/03/

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8 Sep 2014 at Twitter

  • 7:54pm: Although it's a shame how much lasting damage those players do to each other, given how little I care who wins. Makes me feel evil.
  • 7:51pm: Pleased to have the soothing, familiar sights and sounds of @C4NFL back on telly for another season.
  • 5:11pm: @Storifyhelp @yoz @dracos Yes, that’s right. Good luck!
  • 5:09pm: @Storifyhelp @yoz @dracos Still broken in Chrome (v37.0…) Incognito Window. “Cannot read property 'user' of undefined” event-emitter.js:104
  • 3:59pm: @jacobian Yeah, there are ways. I’ve just needed the same feature on Django, Sinatra, Jekyll… and always have to find the specific way.
  • 3:57pm: @jacobian You know, more like .htaccess password protection.
  • 3:55pm: @jacobian Every time I’ve needed it so far, yes. A different thing to user login etc. Just make a site not-public.
  • 3:04pm: @mikedixonCAB I can’t claim much credit for the design of it, but I’m glad you like it @TraffordCAB!
  • 2:23pm: I expect there are complex architectural reasons why, but I’m always surprised there’s no standard way to password-protect a Heroku site.
  • 2:02pm: @chrislunch Always have backups!
  • 10:20am: @mikedixonCAB @robbieds Looks OK on Chrome here… I’ll have a closer look. Thanks for letting us know Robbie!
  • 9:49am: @blaine @tomstuart Luckily I can’t access that, because I will never agree with you on this topic. /end
  • 9:37am: @felix_cohen @JamieHas @blaine @hyper_linda You carry a gun everywhere?!
  • 9:30am: @felix_cohen @JamieHas @blaine @hyper_linda My rule is: Obey the rules.
  • 8:23am: @yoz @dracos @Storify I get the same issue, and did a few days ago when I last tried reading a Storify.
  • 6:40am: @tedmills Yeah…

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