The Ben Jonson House Group Blog: External Redecorations: Week 3

In the interests of keeping a record…

On Monday a polite man sanded and undercoated our roof terrace door, so that’s underway already, which is good.

Today I returned from a few days away to the sounds of the scaffolders - shouting at each other, singing loudly, and a lot of swearing, which was wearing after a while (at least I don’t have children).

At one point a man on the top of the scaffolding (5th floor), who wasn’t wearing hi-viz, a hard hat, or a harness, was almost screaming at the men on the podium to move towards the scaffolding as they hoisted up a plank because they were “pulling the scaffolding away from the wall”. He then swore a lot at whoever tied the knot (“this piece of shit”) around that plank and then spent a while frustratedly shouting instructions down to the guy trying to tie the rope to the next plank. You’d think they’d sort that bit out earlier in the process.

I went out for a coffee rather than listen to any more.

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16 Aug 2014 at Twitter

  • 9:45am: @stml Brilliant. HMRC Tariff Notices as the new emergency kittens.

Music listened to most that week

  1. John Prine (23)
  2. Slow Club (22)
  3. God Help the Girl (14)
  4. Kacey Musgraves (7)
  5. FKA twigs (7)
  6. EMA (6)
  7. The Wedding Present (2)
  8. Dub Pistols (2)
  9. Talking Heads (2)
  10. Lemonade (2)

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