Said the Gramophone: Best Songs Of 2012

Thanks, as ever, for this Sean. So, so much I missed.

That Pat Jordache track sounds very, very much like 1980s Bill Nelson, eg—A

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21 Dec 2012 at Twitter

  • 6:40pm: @wesayso Ha! Tables?! Or even room indoors?! You’re funny.
  • 6:18pm: I was all happy there, but 15 minutes of failing to get served in the pub… fuck it all.
  • 3:08pm: A bunch of people standing in the corner of an office listening to a pretend radio station while other people try to do actual work.
  • 2:39pm: Heading off to watch @radioroundabout. Tune in from 3pm!
  • 10:58am: Said The Gramophone's top 100 tracks of the year is always a good listen:… (Spotify playlist links in the comments.)
  • 9:56am: @jamesweiner Sounds like someone who just draws artists’ impressions, rather than someone who does the difficult work.