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I realise it’s a tricky balance and this is an interesting thing to try and get right. For me, as someone who usually ends up at conferences only hanging out with people I already know, I feel like I’m now going to have to look out for a person who wants to meet me (either to fulfil the obligation and say hello, or to consciously avoid them). And if I don’t end up meeting them I will somehow have failed at the event. (I’m fully prepared to accept this is just me though, and I’m not trying to say this is a terrible feature!)

31 Aug 2012 at Twitter

  • 10:06pm: Up late doing all the 2011/12 financial admin, to the sound of 60s/70s Laurel Canyon.
  • 6:04pm: @secretbean @hellocommune Yeah… But there are digital hoarders (hello!) and then there’s someone who aims to methodically archive all music.
  • 5:06pm: @secretbean @hellocommune This particular article I half-remember was just one dad in his basement with many, many hard drives.
  • 1:39pm: Years ago I read an interview (in Wired?) with a guy who was downloading and archiving ALL the music. Everything. Can’t find it now. Anyone?
  • 1:32pm: OH “I think I may have written this column already on my phone when I was drunk.”
  • 11:08am: @phl Yeah. I think most (never all) people would have been OK if they’d just been human and apologetic about it from the start.
  • 10:22am: @robinhouston Please submit your request to our end-user engagement specialisation team who will be delighted to handle your business.
  • 10:19am: @robinhouston Apparently IT’S NOT JUST ME!
  • 10:18am: “So, what do you do?” “Oh, at the moment I’m mostly tweeting on behalf of an imaginary company.”
  • 10:02am: For the record, @joyent were surprised at the “feedback”, and lifetime hosting accounts will now be honoured at a resurrected TextDrive,com.

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  1. Horsepower Productions (21)
  2. Darqwan (13)
  3. Skream (9)
  4. Benga (7)
  5. Digital Mystikz (7)
  6. Oris Jay (6)
  7. Joni Mitchell (5)
  8. Kromestar (5)
  9. Carole King (5)
  10. D1 (5)

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