Markdown Editing for Sublime Text 2: humble beginning - Brett Terpstra

I figured it out! I copied the Markdown.sublime-settings file into Packages/User/ , removed all the settings I didn’t mind staying the same, and then changed the ones (like font_size) that I wanted to tweak. That did the job. The hierarchy of SublimeText settings files is confusing me… Thanks for a nice package.

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11 Jul 2012 at Twitter

  • 7:05pm: @mildlydiverting @cityofsound I thought about Instapaper, but I use it v selectively. I wanted links for when I’m in filtering/reading mode.
  • 5:47pm: @dorianfm I keep hearing of people doing that kind of thing (including me). We must all be getting old.
  • 5:11pm: @simonw Yes, there are some things you *need* a username for, but if your site doesn’t do those things, maybe you can get away without it…
  • 4:51pm: Is there a good reason to require username+email+pw, rather than just email+pw? It’s nice to have username to display, but any other reason?
  • 3:29pm: (The bloody links are annoying, but ifttt say they’re working on that.)
  • 3:28pm: A Delicious account that saves @cityofsound’s twitter links, using, so I can read them later:…
  • 9:31am: I’m daily trying very hard not to be rude about our glorious Olympics but is SO hard. RT @kashfarooq: LOCOG and chips:
  • 9:27am: @richardjpope Nice! Although, as with most such maps, I wonder about some of those supposedly “bicycle friendly” roads…
  • 9:10am: @FakeDaveGreen Initially I thought that was actual wallpaper. That'd be a bit much. But maybe just on one wall…

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