Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center visit (Noisy Decent Graphics)

I used to live just round the corner! Near the junction of Bay Area Blvd and Space Center Blvd. I expect there’s a plaque or something.

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18 Mar 2012 at Twitter

  • 11:43pm: @mildlydiverting My newspaper crashes nearly every day.
  • 6:09pm: @adamgreenfield @tomcoates Why do we always think the future will have great UIs? Maybe nobody learns. Maybe they have to struggle too.
  • 6:07pm: @gwire I saw that a while ago and assumed it was simply pointing out the accuracy of a new Avengers film. No, the other one. I out of touch.
  • 6:00pm: @yoz @gwire *Watches for a bit.* Oh, it’s some *different* kind of Avengers! I was confused.
  • 2:06pm: @mildlydiverting @matlock It’s not even just *work* emails that feel like tickets these days. Ah well, mostly self-inflicted tbh.
  • 1:49pm: @matlock If only it was the automated emails that required action.
  • 12:44pm: That sounded more gloomy/worrying than it was supposed to. Emails today usually equal tasks, rather than nice messages from online friends.
  • 12:37pm: Remembering the days when I used to look forward to getting email.
  • 10:08am: @Zoonie oh, no idea, haven't been online for a bit. Nasty cold thing.
  • 9:38am: Firs morning I've felt nearly human for a few days. Phew.

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