Bear in love | Holly Swain Illustration

I love the colours Holly, somehow bright and jolly but without being too garish. The bear’s shadow is a nice touch too - makes it all seem gently 3D. And yes, nice golf shoes!

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5 Oct 2011 at Twitter

  • 2:49pm: @qwghlm He’s just deleted everything he’s done off the net. He is apparently OK though.
  • 2:42pm: Obituaries/memorials for people who delete their online selves. “Mark Pilgrim. 1991-2011. He will be missed.”
  • 2:12pm: @rooreynolds That sounds exactly like the guys I just tweeted about…
  • 2:04pm: @zzgavin I don’t think they were strong enough to be honest.
  • 1:56pm: Two salesman type guys wandered in to our office claiming to be something to do with @NSPCC and @lovefilm. Seemed suspicious… anyone else?
  • 1:36pm: @spaceboy I thought you’d have people. You should have people. Can’t you send the little man down to pick it up?
  • 1:16pm: Surprised I haven’t seen this on Twitter: Man who stalked the Queen laid dead in St James’s Park for 2-3 years:
  • 12:08pm: The stage of the project where the “Browser test” ticket is becoming annoyingly hard to ignore.
  • 12:07pm: They are nice; apply for job, young tech folk! RT @ranarama: Are you good at computer? Come work at Hide&Seek!…
  • 9:43am: I LOLed: “I went to see the new Woody Allen film in Cornwall last week.” “Torquay?” “Yes, aren’t they all.” (From )
  • 7:06am: Newspapers reporting what "David Cameron will say in his conference speech today"… isn't that what we laughed at the Daily Mail for doing?
  • 6:55am: Getting tired of the Onswipe WordPress theme that assumes iPads are only used in portrait, hiding the bottom of the page from everyone else.
  • 6:49am: @gwire My killing Bin Laden so definitely, the FBI have really messed up the future of that movie franchise.

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