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I assume that anyone complaining about these trainers on ecological grounds only buys good quality shoes (never trainers) that can be re-soled and repaired and that will last for decades. Although even those will be beyond repair eventually.

Almost every shoe we buy reaches its end of life within a few years and is never recycled. But people never think of shoes or trainers as “disposable”. So, although my knee-jerk reaction was “ooh, shoes which only last 100km, that can’t be good,” making the disposability explicit, and building the renewal of the materials into the package, seems like a step forward.

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  • 8:57pm: Oh, we've got last night's ‘Skins’ to watch. I've cheered up already. Phew.
  • 8:31pm: Home to peace and quiet. Getting old. Lovely to see many nice people at the pub, even if it was too hot and too noisy and too rugby. Grumble
  • 7:50pm: The TV is shouting. The people are shouting.
  • 4:12pm: @alicebartlett Schrödinger’s Clipboard!
  • 3:56pm: @moleitau Can we open the doors so we can all enjoy @berglondon’s drive time? The Friday Afternoon’s Solid Soul is due to end...
  • 12:13pm: @joroach @crystaltips Despite the vicious symbolic injury, message received. See you there, with pitchforks and flaming torches.
  • 7:49am: @jennylg I wasn't sure who I could tell, so I didn't! Yes visiting would have been a lot of fun :)