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Not really too cool, just too slow on the uptake.

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6 Sep 2010 in Photos

6 Sep 2010 at Twitter

  • 5:03pm: @dotcode @mildlydiverting @chrislunch I'll never learn. Also, this is not the best moment for Safari to have frozen. GO AWAY!
  • 4:15pm: @dotcode @mildlydiverting @chrislunch Maybe one for 'Methods in Constipation' or 'Internationales Magazin für Frustration und Blähungen'?
  • 4:11pm: Retro novelty of comment spam wearing off. All different IPs/names/URLs/text. (But also: New iPhone's arrived, yay!)
  • 2:35pm: Ooh, I haven't had a run of blog comment spam get through the filters like this for ages. It's like the early 2000s. How retro.
  • 12:29pm: Finished procrastinating. Starting work on my third ever talk/presentation. Keynote this time. Averaging one talk every five years.
  • 12:24pm: @dotcode are you still alive? It's been a while...
  • 10:40am: @paulpod Is this the @schulze in Japan photo you were after?
  • 6:48am: @tomtaylor Good luck!