Today's Guardian is The Guardian re-imagined for the iPad

Thanks for the post and the kind words Mike, but three quibbles:

The headline is misleading: the site isn’t “for the iPad”. If anything it’s “for the web”, and tries to make a website that is as easy and quick to use as an iPad app.

Second, describing the site as “a new app” is also confusing as it’s definitely not an “app”. It’s an old-fashioned website.

Third, my name is “Phil”, not “Phyl”.

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  • 2:05pm: Hoping for a story about @todaysguardian which doesn't mis-spell one of my names. Third time lucky maybe...
  • 1:35pm: @blech One or two people have mentioned the keyboard shortcuts. No idea how many have discovered them though.
  • 1:09pm: @pc_pro Email me (phil @ gyford dot com) and I'll send it to you (I can't DM you).
  • 12:40pm: @jwheare Ooh, good tip, ta.
  • 12:37pm: @8lettersuk No problem - AFAIK I'm complying with the API T&Cs. The ads were broken at the Guardian's end, but they've fixed things now.
  • 12:32pm: @8lettersuk must contradict the more general T&Cs then.
  • 12:19pm: @mattmcalister Thanks. It breaks the first article a bit, just because I don't know how big the image will be, but I'll work round it.
  • 12:18pm: @dracos It's especially silly when the Adobe site says you can save money on shipping costs by getting the download version!
  • 12:17pm: @antimega @smagdali @macintosh Ah, EU VAT ta. Weird. Yes, I was looking at Ps + Lightroom too @antimega.
  • 12:05pm: Weird. It costs £19.18 *more* to buy a download version of Adobe Photoshop CS5 than it does to have the box shipped to you. Why's that?
  • 9:53am: @tomstuart I am thinking about that. A few potential issues, so we'll see. Thanks.
  • 9:52am: @8lettersuk If you know I haven't complied with the T&Cs, point out which bits. Or are you making things up?
  • 9:51am: @RobertAndrews It works on an iPad but could look better - updates coming next week.
  • 9:51am: @mikebutcher Should be OK. Shared server, but I have nothing else on there and it's static HTML files.
  • 8:59am: @mikebutcher At the mo I think they only have banners at the end of articles, but they're marked "Bottom", so there may be others in future.
  • 8:55am: @caxtonian Yes, navigation could maybe be better for iPad/iPhone. And tweaks with sizing etc.
  • 8:54am: @mikebutcher I haven't removed the ads, but for some reason the Guardian API isn't serving them at the moment - I'm sure they'll fix it!
  • 8:52am: @mikebutcher It works OK on the iPad but could look nicer - updates coming within the next week.
  • 8:24am: @mikebutcher Neither Flash nor HTML5. It's old-fashioned HTML4 and Javascript (jQuery if you want to get into the details).
  • 8:22am: @megp I've no idea about the ads - I haven't done anything to stop them appearing, but it looks like only 1x1 px gifs are being requested.
  • 8:04am: You can read lots, lots more of the thinking behind my Today's Guardian site here:
  • 7:56am: If you like Today's Guardian, it has an account for updates: @todaysguardian. I won't re-tweet its contents here, I'm not that annoying.
  • 7:54am: I made this: Today's Guardian, a website that makes it easy to read today's edition of the paper:

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