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To be more accurate, I noticed this correction in the Guardian a couple of weeks ago:

Leon Rosselson elaborates: “I wrote the song in 1974 … It’s the story of the Digger Commune of 1649 and their vision of the earth as ‘a common treasury’. It’s become a kind of anthem for various radical groups, particularly since Billy Bragg recorded it [1985], and is not adapted from any other song. The title is taken from Christopher Hill’s book about the English revolution.”

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30 May 2009 at Twitter

  • 2:38pm: Failed to find any simple trainers I like. Need a new approach. Bought a new sun hat from the excellent Itchy Feet. Now: Breakfast Club.
  • 11:18am: Heading to Kensington, Soho, maybe Covent Garden. Wearing shorts and sandals. Yay!
  • 10:34am: Inexplicable grumpiness not cured by replacement half-term pilates teacher who talked way, way too much. Sun, cheer me up, it's your job.

30 May 2009 in Links