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The cynical part of me would say that the developers have an interest in talking up the value of the properties. The flats do sound big, but “a few million pounds” still sounds optimistic.

Looking at the six three or four bedroom tower flats for sale at Frank Harris and Hamilton Brooks at the moment, they range from 1142 to 1272 square feet, with asking prices from £850,000 to £1,050,000, for an average of £770.21 per square foot. So the developers are obviously inflating things somewhat (even ignoring the state of the market).

Most of the tower flats for sale look pretty nice inside so the Frobisher Crescent ones would, I imagine, need some pretty fancy fittings to get much above £1.5 million, never mind more, given they lack the views and (I assume) balcony space of the tower flats.

It’s still silly money isn’t it!

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