Meish dot org » Things my new commute has taught me #1: not all seats are equal

It also depends on what you expect the future pattern of tube usage to be. I get on at Barbican travelling west and know that if all the seats are taken (as is usual) that two stops later at King’s Cross, some seats will always become free.

Knowing that I won’t have to stand for long, I’d go for 7 and 8 or the 6 between the two sets of seats — NOT the 6 at the end of the carriage which only leaves me within reach of half as many seats.

Also, which of those areas I get on at depends on how many competitors there are already stationed there. I’d happily give up a possibility of getting seat 1 or 2 if I knew it was pretty certain I’d get a normal seat by standing at position 6.

Why is my head full of this!?

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Friday 24 October 2008, 6:55pm

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