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It’s very kind of you to describe me as “fantastic”, but I’m a little confused about the rest of this…

I did indeed write a PHP front-end to a system called “BBC Macro” or “BBC Archive Testbed”, an internal-BBC-only prototype website that was built on a database of TV programmes encoded by the clever Ludlams (who also built Promise.TV). You might have seen a demo of this system somewhere — the site is white, yellow and purple if that helps jog your memory! This did indeed have all the social features you mention — social networks, rating TV shows, tagging, etc.

I know nothing about this Kamaelia system and have no idea how, if at all, it’s related to the work the Ludlams and I did for Tom Loosemore at the BBC.

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Friday 24 October 2008, 5:02pm

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24 Oct 2008 at Twitter

  • 9:01pm: Finally getting round to watching 'Arrested Development'. Very, very good.
  • 5:23pm: Half-way through revisiting every comment I've made on other websites since July 2004 (280 of them).
  • 1:46pm: Quite annoyed at self for vague reasons.