Phil Gyford


Friday 24 October 2008

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Fair enough - yes, you’re right, it is daft to spend money on lanes like this that aren’t good for anyone (except legitimising the cyclists who would cycle on the pavement anyway). And, as you say, lanes like this may just be wasting space if cyclists avoid them along with pedestrians.

Although that does lead me on to… Pedestrians walking in cycle lanes always amaze me - they so often seem surprised when a cyclist comes along. Even if the path is painted bright green. To the extent that I wonder if there’s something psychologically appealing about green, that makes people want to walk on it. The paths in London Fields, or Churchwell Path in Hackney, spring to mind.

When I’m cycling, pedestrians are nearly as annoying as bad cyclists. Although I was surprised that, on the whole, car drivers are better than I was expecting.

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