Phil Gyford


Thursday 23 October 2008

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When I first read Tom’s post both the age and and “I am gay” parts of the card leapt out at me — they didn’t seem to fit in on a business card. But then it’s not a normal business card, as is obvious by the style and the rest of the content. A card should be an expression of its owner, not only in design but in content and if, from his experience, Tom feels proceedings will run smoother if he makes something clear from the outset, then he should be free to do that. Maybe you wouldn’t hire him, but then he’d probably be happier that you didn’t too, so it’s done the job.

Having read his explanation here it seems a more reasonable idea, although I must admit I’d still find it a little odd if someone gave me a business card with this on it. But it’s up to him, and either way, I didn’t feel it was a big enough deal to bring up in the comments on Tom’s post. Never mind create a snarky post on my own site about him…

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