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2022-09-15 (Thursday)

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  • dieworkwear’s avatar

    i know it has been noted ad-nauseum, but it's striking how ties are mostly worn by non-powerful people now

  • PhilipProudfoot’s avatar

    I’ve very much enjoyed people getting upset that there’s a separate fast line for MPs, Lords and their guests to see the queen lying-in-state — as being “deeply unfair” and treating “some people as better than others” — while waiting to view… a “queen.”

    Brighton, England, United Kingdom

  • leastfavorite_’s avatar

    wow guys, i was skeptical at first but it really seems like AI is the future

  • harikunzru’s avatar

    When the last person joins, and finally England is one long orderly queue, stretching across the land, then at last we can cease from mental fight for we shall have built Jerusalem here

  • huwlemmey’s avatar

    This is the problem with Americans commenting on British issues. Because they speak the same language, they think it’s a similar culture. But they simply do not understand the important nuances of our country. You fuck the pig at university, not boarding school.…

    benwritesthings’s avatar

    You can’t understand the UK and its dynamics until you understand that the leading politicians and the newspaper editors ran train on the same pig at the same boarding school where they were all cousins who then married one another

  • Karl_Was_Right’s avatar

    BBC reporting on DPRK (North Korea) overlaid on queen funeral procession