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2022-09-12 (Monday)


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    @gwire @hondanhon But is that enough? At a time like this? With the economy in this state?

    We must all do our part in honour of her memory, no matter the cost. Which surely means at least adding Rich Tea, Ginger Nuts and Hobnobs. To do any less is practically treason.

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    @hondanhon Shocking. She didn’t die for this sorry display, Dan.

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    Keep it down, soldiers! Don't you know, no one's allowed to make a noise or have fun for another week yet, gawd bless 'er.

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    “Allow yourself to be at peace, and relax,” soothes Molly, the Apple Fitness yoga instructor, just as the local army camp lets off unusually loud and echoing volleys of gunfire.

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    I got a photo of my favourite vaguely-threatening Queen sign

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    @hondanhon It's a brave person that tries to transport a Tunnocks Teacake any further than a typical 'kitchen to living room' distance. Packing some raw eggs too? Some fine crystal whisky tumblrs?