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2022-07-26 (Tuesday)



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    I was thinking, “It’d be funny to get a captcha like ‘Click each image that was generated by an AI responding to the prompt …’” and then I got this genuine one from hCaptcha.

    No idea if that’s what this is but it feels like going from training an AI to having to think like one.

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    If you feel like the world seems increasingly colourless, you're not just imagining it.

    Take cars, for example.

    Greyscale colours now make up three quarters of cars produced globally, compared to less than 50% in the past.

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    OKAY I will even give you a name to sell it to the nimbys.

    Don't call them wind farms, call it British Air Power

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    We found the spot where Henri Cartier-Bresson took his famous 1932 spiral staircase snap in Hyères, in the south of France. Just took some research and a bit of luck. It made me incredibly happy. The city needs to put a plaque here! #streetphotography #henricartierbresson

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