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23 June 2022


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    @stuartcw Thanks, looks good! But this isn't for documentation and I don't want to be fighting against something that's focused on doing one thing well.

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    @tominsam But I'm using python for everything else so am fully on board with pyenv, pipenv, etc.

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    @cadars Thanks. You might be right. In all these years I’ve never used MAMP but maybe now is the time.

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    (I was going to make the standard “why is web development so complicated these days?!” complaint, then remembered that in the late 90s I used to re-boot my Mac into MkLinux as the “best” way to work on my PHP sites locally, so.)

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    (Faced with updating an old PHP-based static site generated site, I realised PHP is no longer on macOS, I don’t want to install it, I started setting up Docker to just make a simple PHP site without a generator, and have now decided a python SSG will be my least terrible option.)

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    I hesitate to ask but… What’s a simple, mature, simple Python-based static site generator?

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    my head feels like it’s been acquired by Yahoo

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    @bobreeduk @HughFW Elections under first past the post are buses, not taxis. Joining with lots of people who might have their own destinations in mind, but are all looking to move in the same direction. You pick the bus that gets you as close as you can, and go from there!