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11 June 2022


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    You can now complete the questionnaire about imperial measurements on the website. Much easier and clearer. And they’ve added options for more completely rejecting the idea. Do it!…

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    Wondering how good DALL·E mini is at British nostalgia. #dalle #dallemini

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    @philgyford Done! Thanks for the prompt!

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    Crested mynas, as many other birds, are born altricially, which means young are underdeveloped at the time of birth, therefore fed by parents. When they grow up, they have to learn that food doesn't simply jump into their beaks [📽️: Rebecca Gelernter]

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    & at amazing @gilest pics of - among others...

    @genmon @matterbattle @yoz @tomcoates @doctorow @benhammersley @holgate @nmcintosh @mattb @smagdali & @philgyford, who organised his fringe event on a perhaps more manageable scale……

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    20 years! since the Bot to the Future breakout session in the pub across the street from the venue. This event changed the course of my life for sure…

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    About to take off after six hours at LAX. Matthew, who only experienced the airport once, swore to never fly again and created the world’s best website for public transport. And this is why I consider him a role model…

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    @yoz I flew back from LAX on a Friday evening and everything was... closed? It was so bad, I have never flown since (apart from Alderney and an emergency).