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2022-05-30 (Monday)


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    @rod Maybe they could rearrange the letters they've got?

    RABID INvestments

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    @designscold Congrats!!

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    Let this be a lesson to any other companies that try a jaunty rebrand by removing vowels from their name. Sooner or later you’ll regret it and will have to acquire replacements, like Abirdin plc.

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    BREAKING: Johnson to bring back Old English letterforms for the Platinum Jubilee! The PM said:
    Many of þese letters Ƿere lost after 1066 due to “Norman red tape”. Ƿe’re delighted to bring ðem bæck todæȝ. ᚦ ᚫ ᚾ ᚳ ᚴ.