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16 March 2022


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    @hostler @jkottke I'm sure your own style managed to compensate for the bike's lack of it!

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    @benbrown @jkottke Beefy! In the UK e-bikes are limited to 15.5mph and must be pedal-assist only.

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    I don't know how Spotify's algorithm came up with a Daily Mix that went straight from @SQUAREPUSHER to @PeanessBand. It's all good, but that's quite a handbrake-turn.

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    @jkottke I've wondered too – so many recommendations and articles are about urban cycling or recreational. I like an upright bike in cities but no idea what I'd want for an e-bike on rough, hilly, winding country roads to do shopping. Don't like drop handlebars. Don't want mountain bike.

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    @ukglo @PCC_Global @TheNewSchool Excellent, congrats!

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    "Dorries arrived at a meeting with software giant Microsoft and immediately asked when they were going to get rid of algorithms, according to an official given an account of the meeting."…

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    Nadine Dorries will publish Britain’s online safety bill tomorrow. I have spoken to a lot of people over the last few months about her approach to the flagship legislation, which she has made her personal mission.…