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2022-03-01 (Tuesday)


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    @yoz She says KM isn’t such a big thing in the US, but they tend to target professional services so those may be the sort of fields to look at in terms of finding a consultant / employee.

    Finally, the answer often isn’t “write everything down”.

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    @yoz All might need to be managed in different ways.

    Probably a good idea to hire a Knowledge Management Consultant to look at what you need before you change anything drastically or hire anyone.

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    @yoz …so that they don’t need to ask the questions. And if the questions are frequent, provide the answers at onboarding or in training.

    Also, what is the knowledge you’re trying to manage? Is it processes? Something that needs a training programme? Info about clients?

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    @yoz I asked My Wife The Knowledge Manager, who said you need someone whose responsibility is to manage the wiki (or whatever else is better). And someone (same person?) to monitor the Slack for questions, frequent topics, and to work with teams so that they learn things in advance…