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6 December 2021



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    (Now worried that people think I think 3D TV is brilliant)

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    web 1.0: black & white TV

    web 2.0: colour TV

    web3: 3D TV

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    described the puppy on a call as a “baby who would not inevitably disappoint me.”

    reader, that joke did not land

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    The UK car market is changing fast

    🔌 28% of sales now come with a plug
    ⚡️ pure EVs at 19%, rising rapidly
    ⛽️ less than half are conventional cars
    📉 overall sales -25% in 2yrs (!)
    🚗 petrol cars -50% in 2yrs, diesel -75%
    🚘 diesels just 5% of market

    data: @SMMT