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2021-11-21 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2021-11-21

    Adult mom’s live Driver album, Indietracks closing, the same German test, Django and Docker, a bird, and Money Heist season one.



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    @rod I don't even know whether I know what cryptocurrency is.

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    I felt the need to repurpose these heads for this week's memetic 2x2. Less clear-cut than the previous one I think, other than Margo.…

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    I've had this going round in my head for a few days so I've had to make it to set it free. Apologies if it infects you now. Older people are more susceptible.

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    Somehow, my old office building is still here and very probably cheaper than when I was there 2009-2013. #siliconroundabout