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9 November 2021


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    @infovore @jonty @v21 Trying a more positive spin… one problem I have these days is that there are *too many places* I want to spend my time, too many communities. So I dip in and out and treat some places very casually, any one of which I’d have got more closely involved with 20 years ago.

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    @infovore @jonty Something similar (why is this place more thoughtful but less popular than, say, Reddit) has come up a couple of times recently-ish on AskMeFi and I was surprised no one else answered “because this place isn’t funded by VCs etc”.

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    @AskAManager Now I’m just reading all the questions as if they’ve been submitted by Tory MPs…

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    Tory MPs have started writing to @AskAManager for advice…

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    @philgyford @infovore I keep forgetting about MeFi. I should come back.