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15 September 2021


  1. Masks - Wintercroft

    Really nice pay-for patterns to make masks out of card. Animals, birds, skulls, Cthulhu, etc. (via


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    @lowwintersun @Zapaman @WaxwingEnergy @marianneheaslip At least some of them look pretty old and worn though. Many of the ones I saw in London were still there in some form years later.

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    I wish @AskAManager had been around when I started work and had no idea how workplaces functioned, or what was normal or acceptable. Always great advice, and when she gets down to basics it’s always clear:

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    @WaxwingEnergy @marianneheaslip @lowwintersun When I was living in central London these appeared on all the covers just prior to some big public event. Olympics? I forget. I think each was put in place after the chamber had been inspected by security. Any subsequent opening would then be obvious(ish).