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2021-06-30 (Wednesday)


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    I think this is a good collection of old maps layered on a modern one although I was slightly baffled when trying it on an iPad. (via Things Magazine)


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    @mathowie Have you seen how @robinsloan's been trying to get the best of both worlds with his newsletter? Link to a web page from the newsletter:… Seems nice.

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    A: Mr Jenrick, can you make a statement for the launch of these new trial planning websites?

    Robert Jenrick MP: Yawwwn, boring! Find a geek to do it.

    A: Hmm. How about if we call them “apps”?

    RJ: Ooh, sexy sexy apps! What do you want me to say?!…

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    I expect many people have trouble finding their exact profession from pre-set lists, but maybe it says something about the state of the web that the only “web” professions in @freeagent’s list for their insurance product are web marketing, website consultancy and website design.

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    @abscond Councils could save so much money by no longer replacing windows in council houses/blocks, but just painting the existing frames dark grey!

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    For the big computer in the sky … I deleted this run from @Strava because I *know* it took me around 30 minutes, at a pace of around 6 /km, but tiny computer thought otherwise and I don’t want to have to try and beat this stupid speed in future.

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    My "levelling-up" policy proposal is to give every household in the country a bucket of anthracite grey paint.