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8 June 2021


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    @thecosmicpossum @Ithacaron @samuelpepys It’s part of the roof

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    @genmon I haven't used it in a while but makes a standalone "app" out of any single website.

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    @picklesvat The current tactic is to run after them, clapping loudly. A water pistol is a good idea but I fear that, like throwing small stones or shouting from an open window, the pesky varmints won't go far and will return more swiftly.

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    I have a new job!

    I now chase squirrels off the bird feeders. While it's only a seasonal role, it is full-time and physically demanding. I'm looking forward to literally giving at least 110%.

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    @ianbetteridge @philgyford Holly is in a constant war with them. Last summer we had the patio doors open and two of them chased each other in to our living room, did a quick tour and ran out again. My instant reaction was to throw my laptop to the ground and run out the room, shouting 'SHIT OFF' at them.

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    The choice of “Guru Mediation” for Varnish 503 error responses (“Mediation” in Fastly’s fork) is a nod to the Commodore Amiga ROM, and thus utterly incomprehensible to most people.…

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    @philgyford I bet the pay is peanuts though.