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29 May 2021


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    can't stop thinking about @Kav_Kaushik's solution to Eurovision: a UK Bollywood entry. would get a banging song, great staging + diaspora vote across Europe

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    @mala @smagdali @philgyford I got in trouble with a some local kid’s mother for chasing him with a bamboo pole with dog poo on the end, because he was a whiny little telltale tit.
    (am I doing this right?)

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    @smagdali @philgyford my sisters caught me, aged six, reading all the washing machine reviews in our hardbound Which? magazine archive (the existence of which is "wow that is so my dad")

  • smagdali’s avatar

    @philgyford i won a road safety drawing competition with an exploded visualisation of a bike and all the different safety features and clear explanations of how they worked.