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7 May 2021


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    @genmon Obviously, it’s easy to promise these things, especially for them. But at least they’re stated aims/dreams. I couldn’t even find anything about Labour’s policies on their site, which seems like a metaphor.

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    @genmon This sounds *close* to the Greens. 4 day week (and UBI), free higher education (and write off student debt), restore adult education, pay ratios, no zero hour contracts, obligate BT etc to provide high speed broadband to every home and business, etc.…

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    Side views of the world's five best rollercoasters.

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    I want a party that says: the point of progress is to improve human lives. That should be the dividend of technology. So our ambition is a 4 day week and proper pay for all. We won’t get there in 5 years or 10, but that’s our north star for our future policy decisions

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    Feeling Proper Rustic