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26 March 2021


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    @gilest Welcome to your new life! Your name is Terry and your favourite band is Fleetwood Mac. You had an omelette for lunch, using the last of the eggs, and have a craving for cheesecake. You've heard that flares are making a comeback and were thinking of buying some. Happy browsing!

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    Remembering that time I tried steering a canal boat and it spun a bit sideways and clonked into a stationary boat and the man got a bit shirty and how horribly embarrassing that was.

    Not sure why that springs to mind.

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    “Have you ever wanted to be able to reverse-geocode a point not just in space but also in time? Have you ever wanted to do that date-filtering with fuzzy or imprecise dates encoded using the Extended DateTime Format (EDTF) ? Now you can.” –…

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